Mar 2022 Offering

AWR326 - Tornado Awareness
Date & Times
Mar 19, 2022 from 8 AM - 5 PM

This eight-hour awareness-level course is designed to provide emergency managers, first responders, and community members across all sectors with a basic understanding of the latest knowledge in tornado science, forecasting, warning, and preparedness. This course will prepare participants to understand the basics of tornado science, the weather forecasting process, the tornado warning process, and the fundamentals of tornado safety and preparedness. Since tornadoes can strike anywhere in the United States, it is important that every community be ready for the hazards associated with them. This awareness-level course will fulfill the goals of the “whole community” approach to emergency management by reaching a broad sector of the community. Multiple core capabilities will be addressed, with particular emphasis on “public information and warning” and “threats and hazard identification.” Participants who represent sectors such as mass care services, health and social services, operational communications, critical transportation, and planning would further expand the discussions in this course to other corresponding core capabilities.

Course Objectives
-Understand the current state of tornado science
-Describe the weather forecast process and appreciate its complexities while making decisions in the face of tornado hazards
-Understand the tornado warning process and associated definitions
-Review procedures to maximize the safety of themselves, their families and their organizations during a tornado

Max Attendance
10 (9 Open Seats)
The Salvation Army Camp Mihaska
1466 State Hwy N
Bourbon, MO 65441
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Technical Studies
Target Audiences
Public Health, Public Safety Communications (911), Security and Safety, Agriculture, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), HAZMAT, Information Technology, Government Administrative, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Fire, First Responders, Medical (Hospital), Public Works, Volunteer Organizations, Veterinarians, Emergency Management Director, and Transportation
Open To The Public
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NO LODGING AVAILABLE; Saturday course offering