Jan 2022 Offering

PER298 - Team Approach to Foodborne Outbreak Response
Date & Times
Jan 25 - 26, 2022 from 8 AM - 5 PM

This instructor-led course addresses the training needs of staff who have a role in foodborne outbreak response. Participants include individuals from state and local government agencies with experience in foodborne disease outbreak response and knowledge of their agency’s outbreak investigation capabilities. Partners from federal agencies and the food industry will also benefit from participation in this course, as it identifies how the skills, resources, and expertise of all levels of government can be coordinated within an integrated national food system. Knowing how and when to engage the expertise of these specialists can save time during investigations, which can mean fewer illnesses and deaths. This course provides strategies for leveraging resources at all levels of government, as well as food industry subject matter experts, to build investigation and response capabilities. Overall, this course will help these entities function as a team during a foodborne outbreak response.

Course Objectives
-Navigate a foodborne outbreak response by considering how foodborne illness originates and how it negatively affects the United States
-Contribute to the function of an effective foodborne outbreak response team
-Examine strategies to effectively use surveillance data from multiple disciplines as a trigger to initiate a foodborne outbreak investigation
-Identify the tools and activities used by epidemiology during a foodborne outbreak investigation
-Review laboratory requirements for testing specimens and samples and discuss procedures for testing samples submitted during a foodborne illness investigation
-Review the tools and activities used by the environmental health discipline during a foodborne outbreak investigation
-Review the progression of an outbreak and identify when the response needs to expand to include local, state, or federal partners
-Examine potential barriers to effective foodborne outbreak response and strategies to overcome those barriers
-Share and apply lessons learned regarding foodborne outbreak response

Max Attendance
30 (18 Open Seats)
Greene County Public Safety Center
330 W. Scott Street
Springfield, MO 65802
POST Approved
Target Audiences
Public Health, Agriculture, Government Administrative, Emergency Management, Medical (Hospital), Public Works, and Emergency Management Director
Open To The Public
None Set