Jul 2020 Offering

PER294 - Testing an Emergency Operations Plan in a Rural EOC
Date & Times
Jul 7, 2020 from 8 AM - 5 PM

This eight-hour performance-level course has been designed with a proactive approach to testing rural communities’ Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) environment. In the process, the course provides relevant and valuable training to elected officials, EOC personnel, and rural community leaders representing both public and private sector entities. Throughout the training session, participants are provided with opportunities to exchange perceptions and best practices while interacting with participants from responder organizations, public and private sectors organizations, as well as with other EOC personnel working at regional and state levels. The emphasis of this course is a performance-oriented exercise which allows course participants to replicate the roles of various EOC personnel in an effort to test their community’s EOP.

Max Attendance
40 (36 Open Seats)
Camden County EMA
12 VFW Road
Camdenton, MO 65020
POST Approved
Target Audiences
Public Works, Public Safety Communications (911), Public Health, Medical (Hospital), Law Enforcement, Government Administrative, Fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Emergency Management
Open To The Public
None Set
Registrant Notes

Minimum # of 20 participants for the class to be held.

Course Roster

Course registrants will be listed here along with their contributing role.

Name Organization
Bohnert, Andrew Perry County Emergency Management
Dawson, Jael Johnson County EMA (VOL.) / Range Angels LLC
DiMarsico, William Morgan County
Gaines, David Randolph County Emergency Management Agency