Feb 2019 Offering

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MO159.b - ENGAGE - Team Member Training
Date & Times
Feb 27, 2019 from 8 AM - 10 AM

ENGAGE should be a "dialogue" that is a "two way street" with both supervisor and team member actively engaged and communicating. For effective communication to occur, it is important to take into consideration the perspective of the other person. This insight may help us prepare for the meeting and be more understanding during the conversation and help to put feedback exchanged during the meeting into context.

The objectives of this course are: -Understand the purpose of ENAGE; -Understand the ENGAGE approach; -Understand how to prepare for ENGAGE; -Be able to develop professional goals; -Be able to have a productive conversation; -Be able to receive and give feedback; and, -Review resources to support the ENGAGE approach.

SEMA-Governor's Conference Room
2302 Militia Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101
POST Approved
Target Audiences
Government Administrative
State Agency Only
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This particular course offering is for SEMA Regional Coordinators only.

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Nienhuis, Michelle DPS/SEMA
Alton, Jeffrey SEMA/Region B Coordinator
Besemer, Steven SEMA
Booth, Michael SEMA
Brandenburg, Gloria SEMA
Carey, Shannon SEMA
Dredge, Regina SEMA
Gerlach, Brenda SEMA
Haugh, Jason SEMA
Hendrix, Brett SEMA
Lohner, Derek SEMA/Area Coordinator
Russell, Denise SEMA
Voelker, Henry (Hank) SEMA