Apr 2019 Offering

MO160 - State Emergency Operations Center Training: Common Operating Picture/GIS/Resource Request
Date & Times
Apr 17, 2019 from 9 am - 12 pm

This is a four (4) hour training session that will provide training on the Missouri SEMA Common Operating Picture GIS system and procedures for SEOC staff to input and update data within the system. This will include gaining access to the published website, manipulating data on a spreadsheet for each GIS layer and discussion of the timing and process for updates. In addition, we will also review the SEOC resource request process and complete training activities when multiple resources are requested, which will exercise communication across the ESF structure.

Max Attendance
100 (60 Open Seats)
2302 Militia Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101
POST Approved
Target Audiences
Emergency Management
State Agency Only
None Set

Course Roster

Course registrants will be listed here along with their contributing role.

Name Organization
Bagge, David SEMA
Bean, Tim DPS Division of Fire Safety
Borchelt, Alyssa SEMA
Briggs, Jeff State Emergency Management Agency
Brockes-Miller, Sarah SEMA
Brown, Tina State Emergency Management Agency
Cassmeyer, Sarah SEMA
Cole, Logan Department of Natural Resources
Drummond, Brent MSHP
Eichholz, Todd MO Dept of Natural Resources
Friel, Melissa SEMA
Gely, Sebastian State Emergency Management Agency
Halford, Michael Missouri State Highway Patrol
Harris, Bradley MO Department of Natural Resources
Harris, Michael Missouri Emergency Response Commission
Haugh, Jason SEMA
Haugh, Jessica SEMA
Hearne, Sarah Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Heidbreder, Brenda SEMA
Linder, Collette MO SEMA
Luetkemeyer, Matt Missouri Department of Public Safety
Lund, Dan SEMA
Marshall, Karla State Emergency Management Agency
McLane, Stephen MO DNR
Montecino, December SEMA
Mottaz, Kelly SEMA
Norris, Laura SEMA
Parris, Michael MO Department of Natural Resources
PHERIGO, Sam State Emergency Management Agengy
Rackers, Jeffrey State Emergency Management Agency
Robinson, Ken MSHP
Schmidt, Aaron Department of Natural Resources
Settle, James State Emergency Management Agency
Stafford, Melissa SEMA
Starr, Jody DHSS
Travlos, Benjamin Missouri Department of Agriculture
Tye, Patti MERC
Vavra, Patrick DNR
White, Mike Missouri Department of Transportation
Wilson, Heather SEMA