Sep 2020 Offering

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K2300 - Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions
Date & Times
Sep 21, 2020 from 8 AM - 12:30 PM; Sep 22, 2020 from 8 AM - 12:30 PM; Sep 23, 2020 from 8 AM - 12:30 PM; Sep 24, 2020 from 8 AM - 12:30 PM; Sep 25, 2020 from 8 AM - 12:30 PM

The K2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions is a five-day course with the goal of assisting individuals and jurisdictions who desire to develop or improve their Emergency Operation Centers (EOC). By the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate, through activities and a Final Exam, the managerial and operational roles of the modern-day EOC as a NIMS Command and Coordination functional group operating within a Multi-agency Coordination System (MACS).

Selection Criteria:
The intended audience(s) are federal, state, tribal, territorial, local level, business and nongovernmental emergency management personnel who may be designated to support an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) within their jurisdiction or organization. The materials were developed with the assumption that audience members may have little or no actual experience as a member of an EOC Staff.

The audience may include students from a variety of agencies, organizations and functional disciplines, including fire service, law enforcement, emergency management, public works departments, as well as public health organizations, medical emergency teams, and hospitals, businesses and non-governmental organizations.

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Emergency Operations Center training should be completed by personnel who are regularly assigned to positions within an EOC or by those persons who desire to seek qualification and certification in an EOC position or function.

IS0100, An Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100
IS2200, Basic Emergency Operations Center Functions
IS0700, An Introduction to the National Incident Management System
IS0800,National Response Framework, An Introduction

E/L/G 0191, Emergency Operations Center/Incident Command System Interface
IS0200, Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response, ICS 200

Max Attendance
30 (7 Open Seats)
Virtual Offering
Virtual Instructor-Led Course
Virtual Instructor-Led Course, MO 65102
POST Approved
Target Audiences
Public Health, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Government Administrative, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Fire, Medical (Hospital), and Public Works
Open To The Public

IS700 OR IS700.a OR IS700.b
IS800 OR IS800.a OR IS800.b OR IS800.c OR IS800.d
IS100 OR IS100.a OR IS100.b OR IS100.c OR IS100.FDA OR IS100.FW OR IS100.FWa OR IS100.HC OR IS100.HCb OR IS100.HE OR IS100.LE OR IS100.LEa OR IS100.LEb OR IS100.PW OR IS100.PWa OR IS100.PWb OR IS100.SC OR IS100.SCa

Registrant Notes

September 21-25, 2020; 8 am - 12:30 pm every day; Last day to register for the course is Monday, September 14, 2020
Minimum of 20 students for course to be held.

Course Roster

Course registrants will be listed here along with their contributing role.

Name Organization
Allen, Derrick Chillicothe Fire Department
Bell, Chris City of Delray Beach, FL
Bostick, Jacob University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Burkovich, Lisa NYS DHSES OEM
Chambers, Dale STARRS
Collett, Elizabeth Bi-State Development/Metro Transit
Crane, Justin Cass County
Evans-Knight, Melissa Clay County Emergency Management
Gann, Justin City of Independence Emergency Preparedness Division
Hargis, Dave North Kansas City Fire Dept.
KARATZAS, VASILI Plato Rural Fire Protective Association
Kearns, John Federal Emergency Management Agency
Kelley, Christopher Boone County Office of Emergency Management
Leibold, Carol City of Independence
Morrow, Nicolle Missouri -1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team
Norris, Virgil City of Independence
Peterson, Samantha STARRS
Reeter, Eric Chillicothe Fire Department
Rossetti, Kyle Newport News Fire Department
Russell, Denise SEMA
Sawyer, Robbin Springfield-Greene County OEM
Sexton, Jessica Cape Girardeau Fire Department
Vastmans, Ann St. Louis County PD/ OEM