Feb 2022 Offering

MGT465 - Recovering from Cybersecurity Incidents
Date & Times
Feb 15 - 16, 2022 from 8 AM - 5 PM

The Recovering from Cybersecurity Incidents course is designed to provide guidance to a jurisdiction on the actions necessary to effectively recover from a cybersecurity attack. It discusses the pre- and post-incident programmatic activities needed for short-term and long-term recovery. It bridges the different worlds of information technology and emergency management. This training is particularly pertinent to IT management, emergency management personnel, as well as any other government, critical infrastructure, or private sector personnel who has the responsibility for recovering after a cyber incident. This course is intended to be delivered across the country to jurisdictions at all response levels: local, state, tribal, territorial, as well as private industry.

Course Objectives
Explain the essential concepts of recovering from a cyber incident;
Explain the relationship between cybersecurity and emergency management;
Examine recovery preparedness for cybersecurity incidents;
Describe short-term and long-term recovery operations for cybersecurity incidents;
Develop an incident recovery action plan.

Max Attendance
30 (24 Open Seats)
Cole County FPD Station 4 Training Room
5206 Monticello Rd
Jefferson City, MO 65109-8733
POST Approved
Target Audiences
Public Health, Public Safety Communications (911), Information Technology, Government Administrative, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Medical (Hospital), Public Works, Volunteer Organizations, Emergency Management Director, and Transportation
Open To The Public
None Set