Dec 2021 Offering

MERC051 - MC 306 Rollover
Date & Times
Dec 6, 2021 from 8 AM - 4:30 PM

This eight hour course is designed to educate first responder on the common practices responders may be required to perform while responding to a MC 306/406 incident. Class participants will have to opportunity to develop skills while operating on an overturned MC 306.
The eight hour class starts with a three hour classroom session describing the different skill stations with overall discussion of safety procedures and common safe work practices that will be expected during all skill stations, i.e. PPE, eye, hand and foot protection. Skill stations will include:
Incident Command / Safety Officer
Hot Tapping
Off Loading / Grounding and Bonding
Foam Application (training foam application for dome clamping and plugging)
Dome Clamp / plugging and patching

All stations will be operated simultaneous, in a rotation: students will have a limited amount of down time. While students will have a different time of completion of skills, instructors will attempt to mirror a incident to give students real time incident timing.

Max Attendance
30 (22 Open Seats)
Olivette Fire Department
1140 Dielman Road
Olivette, MO 63132
POST Approved
Target Audiences
HAZMAT, Law Enforcement, and Fire
Open To The Public
None Set