Dec 2021 Offering

MGT447 - Managing Food Emergencies: Strategies for a Community Response
Date & Times
Dec 9 - 10, 2021 from 8 AM - 5 PM

Managing Food Emergencies: Strategies for a Community Response is a management-level course that teaches participants how to manage food emergencies using the emergency operations center (EOC), Incident Command System (ICS) principles, and best management practices.

Participants will manage a fictional food emergency using the guidelines and strategies of the Incident and Unified Command systems. The scenario will advance with every module, beginning with Module 2, from the point that a foodborne outbreak is detected. The scenario will progress throughout the modules from surveillance and into the transition to recovery. In Module 7, participants will engage in an after-action discussion to assess their current preparedness for a food emergency and the value of using ICS principles and practices, and adding Emergency Management as a food emergency response partner.

Course Objectives
-Describe how using the NIMS, the ICS, EOCs, and a whole-community approach can improve food emergency responses.
-Examine credible surveillance systems and the triggers they produce to enhance their preparedness for and response to food emergencies.
-Develop appropriate response action plans to mitigate the effects of a food emergency.
-Develop communication and coordination strategies to minimize the effects of a food emergency.
-Manage the transition of resources from a food emergency response environment to strategies and activities essential for recovery from a food emergency.
-Evaluate the effectiveness of a food emergency response by determining strengths and weaknesses and by defining tangible steps to take to improve future food emergency responses.

Max Attendance
30 (13 Open Seats)
Warren County EMA
101 Mockingbird Lane
Ste 103
Warrenton, MO 63383
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Technical Studies
Target Audiences
Public Health, Agriculture, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), HAZMAT, Government Administrative, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Fire, Volunteer Organizations, and Emergency Management Director
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None Set
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