Jun 2021 Offering

MERC034 - Handling Propane Gas Emergencies
Date & Times
Jun 26, 2021 from 8 AM - 5 PM

This comprehensive training curriculum was developed by a group of highly qualified propane product and container specialist from the National Propane Gas Association. This course is about how to safely respond to, mitigate and control an emergency incident involving propane or LP-Gas. Students will learn the physical properties and characteristics of propane and how to properly manage an incident scene. Students will become proficient in their tactical responses by participating as teams in live fire approaches of simulated LP-Gas releases. Students will learn relevant safety features of propane storage devices and other considerations of tank designs.

Must be 18 to participate in live burn portions of the class. May still attend lecture portion.

Max Attendance
30 (17 Open Seats)
Stockton Community Building
209 North Street
Stockton, MO 65785
POST Approved
POST Control #
Technical Studies
Skill Development
Target Audiences
Emergency Medical Services (EMS), HAZMAT, Law Enforcement, and Fire
Open To The Public
None Set

Course Roster

Course registrants will be listed here along with their contributing role.

Name Organization
BROWN, RON El Dorado Springs Volunteer Fire Department
Daniels, Brandon El Dorado Fire Department
Fick, Jason El Dorado Springs Police Department
Galati, Arthur Dunnegan Rural Fire
GROVER, JORDAN Dunnegan Fire Department
Laub, Moroni Cedar County
Laub, Samuel Caplinger Mills VFD
MAY, DAVID Vernon County Ambulance District
potts, Jacob Jerico Springs fire department
RUPKE, ARLO Emergency Mgt.
Ruscha, Adam Olympia Rural Fire Department
Stacy, Clinton El Dorado Springs Fire Dept.
Taylor, David Missouri department of transportation