Exercise Summary

SEOC Activation
Date & Time
Mar 19, 2019 from 9 AM - 12 PM
2302 Militia Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Point of Contact
Michelle Nienhuis
Number of Participants
None Set
Max Attendance
75 (11 Open Seats)
State Only
Mission Area

A powerful storm system with a significant amount of rainfall is expected to cause major, life threatening flooding to the Missouri Ozarks and southeastern Kansas over the course of three days.


Review information to assess and identify current and anticipated resource outages, technical support issues, community/public affairs, and key policy decisions needed across all capabilities, and provide the applicable agency, function, or jurisdiction entity appropriate documentation for resolution.
Core Capabilities: Situational Assessment

Identify the steps SEOC staff should perform to promote internal and external continuity during and following staffing transitions.
Core Capabilities: Operational Communications

Discuss the need for prompt, appropriate distribution and permanent record keeping when documenting an incident.
Core Capabilities: Planning and Situational Assessment

Identify current methods of documenting an incident that involves multiple jurisdictions, multiple response disciplines, or potential major media interest as indicated in the SEOC Standard Operation Guide (SOG).
Core Capabilities: Operational Coordination

Threat / Hazard
EMPG Eligible

Exercise Roster

Exercise registrants will be listed here along with their contributing role.

Name Organization
Nienhuis, Michelle DPS/SEMA
Deitsch, Kevin National Weather Service - St. Louis
Rackers, Jeffrey State Emergency Management Agency
White, Mike Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Difani, Ryan CIMMS/National Weather Service Training Center
Maples, Jared NWS St. Louis
Bass, De'an FEMA
Bernskoetter, Jim OA
Borchelt, Alyssa SEMA
Briggs, Jeff State Emergency Management Agency
Brockes-Miller, Sarah SEMA
Brown, Tina State Emergency Management Agency
Broxton, Ronald Missouri State Emergency Management Agenc
Carey, Shannon SEMA
CARVER, HEIDI State Emergency Management Agency
Cassil, Terry Missouri Department of Public Safety
Cassmeyer, Sarah SEMA
Catron, Jessica State Emergency Management Agency
Cole, Logan Department of Natural Resources
Courtney, Bryan State of MO Department of Public Safety
Curtis, Patricia SEMA
Eisterhold, Caty SEMA
Engelbrecht, Chris MODOT
Evans, Eric Department of Mental Health
Gieseker, Alexis State of Missouri
Goans, Kristy MO Department of Public Safety
Hall, Kevin DPS MIC
Harris, Bradley MO Department of Natural Resources
Harris, Michael Mo State Emergency Management
Heidbreder, Brenda SEMA
Hendricks, Deb State Emergency Management Agency
Hodge, Rose SEMA
Honse, Shelly State Emergency Management Agency
Huddleston, Sheila SEMA
Hughes, Konrad State of Missouri OA-ITSD
Kirchhoff, Paul Missouri National Guard
Lehman, Teresa SEMA
Lepper, Amy Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Luecke, Sheila SEMA
Lund, Dan SEMA
McLane, Stephen MO DNR
Montecino, December SEMA
Moore, Joseph MoDOT
Mottaz, Kelly SEMA
Norris, Laura SEMA
Nutt, Matthew MO DPS MOSWIN
Onstott, Greg Agriculture
PHERIGO, Sam State Emergency Management Agengy
Richmond, Ryon SEMA
RUSH, MICHAEL State of Missouri
Schmidt, Aaron Department of Natural Resources
Schnurr, Michele SEMA
Schoeneberg, Corey Mo State Hwy Patrol
Siebeneck, Robyn SEMA
Soncrant, Tamela SEMA
Stafford, Melissa SEMA
Starr, Jody DHSS
Sterman, David Dept. of Public Safety Interoperability Center
Tatlow, Stephen SEMA
Virgin, Kevin Directors Office, Department of Public Safety
Walker, Ron SEMA
Weyrauch, Elizabeth SEMA
Wilbers, Amanda State Emergency Management Agency
Wilson, Heather SEMA