Exercise Summary

Date & Time
Jul 16, 2019 from at SEMA - EOC; Jul 16, 2019 from at Linn State Technical College
2302 Militia Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Linn State Technical College
1 Technology Drive
Linn, MO 65051
Point of Contact
Michelle Nienhuis
Number of Participants
None Set
Max Attendance
125 (50 Open Seats)
State Only
Mission Area

The State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) is currently activated for a flooding incident when heavy smoke is seen in multiple areas of the Ike Skelton Training Site (ISTS) building.


Personnel are notified and respond to their predetermined location within two hours of being notified/receiving RAVE alert that the SEMA / SEOC Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) has been activated for an activated incident.
Core Capabilities: Planning

SEMA’s Emergency Relocation Forward Team (ERFT) will activate and deploy to the ASEOC and prepare for the emergency relocation; setting up according to the established floor plan identified in the SEMA / SEOC COOP.
Core Capabilities: Situational Assessment

Communications (data and voice) will be operational and ready for essential personnel use to ensure continued performance of Mission Essential Functions (MEF).
Core Capabilities: Operational Communications

Responding Emergency Support Function (ESF) personnel will process a minimum of one Resource Request in WebEOC to validate capability.
Core Capabilities: Operational Coordination

Threat / Hazard
Structural and Urban Fires
EMPG Eligible

Exercise Roster

Exercise registrants will be listed here along with their contributing role.

Name Organization
Brockes-Miller, Sarah SEMA
Huddleston, Sheila SEMA
Nienhuis, Michelle DPS/SEMA
Rackers, Jeffrey State Emergency Management Agency
Davis, Marcia Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Garrison, Alan FEMA R VII
Cluff, Aaron Missouri Veterans Commission
Rice, Andrea Osage Co. Emergency Management
Able, Nancy Seagull Environmental Technologies
Bagge, David Retired
Bernskoetter, Jim OA
BLATTER, LORI Missouri State Emergency Management
Borchelt, Alyssa SEMA
Brown, Tina State Emergency Management Agency
Carey, Shannon SEMA
CARVER, HEIDI State Emergency Management Agency
Cassil, Terry Missouri Department of Public Safety
Curtis, Patricia SEMA
Dohrer, T FEma
Eisterhold, Caty SEMA
Enyart, Nikol State Emergency Management Agency
Gely, Sebastian State Emergency Management Agency
Gerke, Ron SEMA
Goans, Kristy MO Department of Public Safety
Halford, Michael Missouri State Highway Patrol
Harris, Bradley MO Department of Natural Resources
Harris, Michael Missouri Emergency Response Commission
Haugh, Jason FEMA
Haugh, Jessica SEMA
Heidbreder, Brenda SEMA
Hodge, Rose SEMA
Holaday, Shannon Missouri National Guard
Honse, Shelly State Emergency Management Agency
Hughes, Konrad State of Missouri OA-ITSD
Jobe, Lisa MERC
Lehman, Teresa SEMA
Lepper, Amy Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
LONG, CATHERINE State Emergency Management Agency
Luecke, Sheila SEMA
Luetkemeyer, Matt Missouri Department of Public Safety
Marshall, Karla State Emergency Management Agency
McHugh, Karen SEMA
McLane, Stephen MO DNR
Minnick, Kim SEMA
Montecino, December SEMA
Moore, Joseph SEMA
Nichols, Lisa SEMA Recovery Division
Norris, Laura SEMA
OLSEN, LINDA Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Otto, Holly SEMA
Pethan, Mark State Emergency Management Agency
Remillard, James State Emergency Management Agency
Schmidt, Aaron Department of Natural Resources
Schmutzler, Dale SEMA
Schnurr, Michele SEMA
Schroer, Kristi MO State Emergency Management Agency
Settle, James State Emergency Management Agency
Siebeneck, Robyn SEMA
Simonton, June SEMA
Smith, Mary SEMA
Soncrant, Tamela SEMA
Sorensen, David State of Missouri - Office Of Administration
Stafford, Melissa Mid-MO RPC
Tatlow, Steve SEMA
Thayer, Michael SEMA
Travlos, Benjamin Missouri Department of Agriculture
Tweedy, Kevin SEMA
Tye, Patti State Emergency Management Agency
Walker, Ron SEMA
Weber, Gayla C&S
Weyrauch, Elizabeth SEMA
Wilbers, Amanda State Emergency Management Agency
Wilson, Heather SEMA
Wolken, Gail Missouri State Emergency Management Agency