Exercise Summary

Region D : Intentional Chaos
Date & Time
Sep 12, 2019 from 1 PM - 4 PM
Springfield/Greene County Public Safety Center
330 W. Scott St
Springfield, MO 65802
Point of Contact
Melissa Duckworth
Number of Participants
Max Attendance
None Set
D (Regional Only )
Mission Area
Protection, Response, and Recovery

In response to a controversial speaker a coordinated cyber attack cripples infrastructure and emergency response systems and creates panic among community members.


Demonstrate establishment of an effective command structure to ensure local resources are used efficiently to respond to and recover from a cyber incident.
Core Capabilities: Operational Coordination

Assess existing plans and/or processes that ensure local agencies ability to continue operations when infrastructure breaks down due to a cyber incident.
Core Capabilities: Situational Assessment

Evaluate existing capabilities to protect and restore electronic systems, networks, information, and services for damage, unauthorized use, and exploitation during a cyber incident.
Core Capabilities: Cybersecurity

Examine the ability to provide timely and relevant information regarding the cyber incident to decision makers.
Core Capabilities: Public Information And Warning

Examine the ability to deliver coordinated, actionable, and timely information to the public in a way that can be vetted and trusted.
Core Capabilities: Public Information And Warning

Threat / Hazard
Cyber Disruption
Other (SMESO)
EMPG Eligible

Exercise Roster

Exercise registrants will be listed here along with their contributing role.

Name Organization
Barger, Linda Christian County EMA
Black, Quentin Springfield-Greene County OEM
Bonner, Ben Branson Fire Rescue
Brown, Karen City of Monett
Compton, David Barry Co. OEM/Director
Davis, Lisa Springfield-Greene County OEM
Divine, Rhonda Monett-Lawrence County 911
Duckworth, Melissa Taney County Emergency Management
Elmore, John CoxHealth
Geller, Charla Newton County Emergency Mgt.
Henry, Jason CoxHealth
Hickman, Greg Newton County
HOUSH, MORGAN Carthage Fire Department
Kinder, Kim Dade Co Emergency Mgt
Marler, Jacob City of Ash Grove
Martin, Thomas Stone County EMA
Martin, Thomas Stone County OEM
Mericle, Lindsey Springfield-Greene County OEM
Mitchell, Cheryl Christian County EMA
Myers, David Carthage Fire Dept
Nichols, Russ Barry County OEM
OGLE, MIKE Convoy of Hope
Russell, Amy Springfield-Greene County OEM
Russell, Denise SEMA
Ryan, Tom Barton Co. Emergency Mgt
SIMMONS, Tom Webster County Emergency Management
Stolting, Julie American Red Cross
Watkins, Brent City of Bolivar
Wharton, Courtney Springfield-Greene County OEM
Williams, Roger Carthage Fire Dept
WITT-SCHULTE, BONNIE City of Monett (Monett Lawrence County 911 & EMA
Woods, Larry Springfield-Greene County OEM