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This exercise has been cancelled.

Armed Assailant Guardian 2020
Date & Time
Aug 13, 2020 from 8 AM - 12 PM
Troy Buchanan High School
1190 Old Cap Aus Gris Road
Troy, MO 63379
Point of Contact
James Sharp
Number of Participants
None Set
Max Attendance
None Set
C (Rural) (Regional Only )
Mission Area
Response and Recovery

Backdrop: An armed assailant has attacked a school bus along the route to the high school. Emergency responders must now locate and neutralize the assailant, locate/triage/treat/transport any victims, reunify students with their families, and make the necessary public statements.


Determine whether the current number and type of ingress/egress routes are sufficient to support a major emergency response.
Core Capabilities: Critical Transportation and Infrastructure Systems

Law Enforcement, Fire/rescue, and EMS will form and assign Rescue Task Forces comprised of arriving personnel.
Core Capabilities: Operational Coordination and Interdiction And Disruption

Lincoln County R-III School District will implement its family reunification plan
Core Capabilities: Operational Coordination, Access Control And Identity Verification, and Community Resilience

Mercy Hospital Lincoln will receive, triage, and treat an influx of patients.
Core Capabilities: Public Health, Healthcare, And Emergency Medical Services

All involved organizations will disseminate the appropriate public information.
Core Capabilities: Public Information And Warning

Threat / Hazard
Active Shooter
EMPG Eligible
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Note: This is a locally sponsored exercise.

Cancelled On
Jun 1, 2020

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